Conference Topics

The overall theme of the ISAP conferences is intelligent system applications in operation, control, planning, and maintenance of power systems and their particular components. Those aspects requiring intelligent system applications include but are not limited to:

  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Power System Data Analytics
  • Supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning
  • Big data, computational intelligence, and energy data analytics
  • Frameworks for Big Data Integration, Data Lake, Warehousing, and Analytics
  • Intelligent forecasting, modeling, and management of RESs and load in smart grids
  • Game theory applications in energy markets
  • Prices and tariffs for active consumers
  • Intelligent diagnostic and condition monitoring techniques
  • Smart multi-carrier energy networks
  • Sensors, communication networks, and advanced metering infrastructure
  • Cyber-physical systems and data acquisition, processing, and management
  • Electric vehicles and low-carbon transportation
  • Cognitive Network Applications, molecular and quantum computing.
  • Intelligent estimation and classification techniques (neural nets, fuzzy systems, data mining, and decision tree)
  • Advanced heuristic optimization techniques
  • Knowledge-based system including rule-based systems, expert systems, and model-based reasoning
  • Reliability, security, and resiliency assesment